CMOS 2011

Creating Actionable Air Quality Data using RDF (Resource Description Framework),
James Freemantle, Norm O'Neill, Ian Lumb, Jack McConnell, Alex Lepu, Ihab Abboud, Bruce McArthur,
CMOS 45th Congress June 2011 1P205.2 ID5119


AGU Posters 2010

Creating Actionable Data from an Optical Depth Measurement Network using RDF,
J. Freemantle, N. T. O’Neill, A. Mileevsky, I. Lumb, J. McConnell, B. McArthur, I. Abboud ,
2010 AGU Fall Meeting, IN31B-1284

Optical analysis of summer-time aerosol events over two southern Canadian sites using ground-based remote sensing techniques
M.L. Karumudi, N. T. O'Neill, A. Saha, D. Daou, S. Zidane, K. B. Strawbridge, B. Firanski, Ihab Abboud, Jim Freemantle,
2010 AGU Fall Meeting


AGU Posters 2009

Multi-event analysis of Lidar and Sunphotometer observations acquired at a site in Southern Canada (steps towards a regional climatology)
M. L. Karumdi, N. T. O'Neill, K. Strawbridge, B. Firanski, A. Saha, D. Daou
2009 AGU Spring Meeting


CMOS Poster 2009

Software Tools to Monitor a Real Time Sunphotometer Network,
J. Freemantle, N. T. O’Neill, A. Royer, B. McArthur, I. Abboud ,
CMOS Meeting Halifax 2009


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